Consent for Collection, Processing, Storing and Utilisation of Data

The Purpose of this Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to collect information on the performance of the person whom you are nominated to rate (the Participant). If you are a Participant in this process, this will be yourself. Individual’s responses will remain confidential*.

Responses will be compiled, and findings will be made available to the Participant in the form of an aggregated report. The resulting report is owned by the Participant. If undertaking the 360 degree feedback process, this report will be fed back to the Participant by a trained feedback facilitator.

*If you are completing the questionnaire as the Participant or the Participant’s Line Manager it will be possible for your responses to be identified.

Privacy Statement

The NHS Leadership Academy is working in partnership with JCA Ltd. to provide this self-assessment and 360-degree feedback tool.

Your privacy is respected. Your responses to the questions in this questionnaire will only be used for the purposes stated below. Any personal information collected will be used only in accordance with current data protection legislation applicable to England. The NHS Leadership Academy is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (, registration number is Z2950066.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Information we collect includes contact information (Raters and Participants) and response data and ratings (Participants).


We have been provided with contact information (your name and e-mail address) to invite you to take part in this questionnaire by the Participant. The Participant has confirmed your agreement to participate in this questionnaire. You have come to this questionnaire hub using a unique Login name & Password, either chosen by you or generated by our software and communicated to you by a link in an email directly.

Raters may be invited, by email, to take part in research or evaluations of the 360 process. Participation in this research / evaluation is entirely voluntary.


If you are undergoing the 360-degree feedback assessment as a Participant, you will be asked to provide some personal information such as your age, gender, and descriptions of your job and organisation. We collect and store this information in order to perform statistical analyses of our questionnaire and to conduct research studies. This information is kept strictly confidential.

In addition, Participants may be asked to enter invoicing details during the set up process, along with a mandatory Purchase Order number. Please note that if the invoicing information supplied is incorrect or incomplete, JCA Ltd. will hold you, as the Participant, personally liable for payment of the invoice. We advise that you check the billing information is accurate before proceeding. By proceeding with the 360 degree feedback process, you are indicating that you agree with the invoicing conditions.

Participants will be invited to undertake an evaluation survey after completing the self assessment or 360-degree feedback process. Your participation in this survey is entirely voluntary. In addition, you may be invited, by email, to take part in additional research or evaluations about the Healthcare Leadership Model and/or the 360 process. Again, participation is entirely voluntary.

Access to Information We Collect

Participants’ and Raters’ contact information is accessible to the NHS Leadership Academy and the operators of Healthcare Leadership Model Appraisal Hub website. The operators include a limited number of specifically authorised employees of JCA Ltd. All operators are employed under contracts that set down strict confidentiality regulations governing their behaviour.

Contact details may be used by the NHS Leadership Academy or the operators of the Healthcare Leadership Model Appraisal Hub web site to invite Participants and Raters to take part in research and surveys related to the Healthcare Leadership Model and/or the self assessment or 360-degree feedback process. Participation in these research and surveys is entirely voluntary.

Response data and ratings are accessible by the NHS Leadership Academy and operators of the Healthcare Leadership Model Appraisal Hub website. Non attributable response data can also be accessed by authorised personnel involved in the management of the project, or for research purposes.

Processing and Storage of Information We Collect

Data from this questionnaire is processed and stored at Fasthosts Internet Limited. Fasthosts Internet Limited is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (Registration Number: Z2154514).

The data is managed by JCA (Occupational Psychologists) Ltd. JCA is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (Registration Number: Z9445037).

Completing the questionnaire is entirely voluntary. If you do not want to complete the questionnaire, there are no negative consequences.

How We Keep Our System Secure

Our system has security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. These security measures include firewalls, backing up of data and, where appropriate, encryption and secure internet transactions.

Non-Identifiable Information

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Your Consent

By continuing to use this site you are indicating that you understand and agree that all data collected in this questionnaire will be processed and utilised as described above. Your data will be maintained on our systems in electronic format in the databases until such time that the questionnaire system is terminated.